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SHAZAM ® Brella ™

An Extra Pair of Eyes to Prevent Fraud

Life is busy. Between work, your family and staying active in the community, you have a lot of things occupying your mind. You shouldn’t have to worry about your money being safe from fraud. With SHAZAM® Brella™ you can live your life knowing your accounts are looked after.

How SHAZAM® Brella™ Works

    You can access Brella for free from your laptop, PC or mobile device at

    To register your card:

    1. Enter debit card number information
    2. Registration benefits
    3. Accept terms
    4. Create username & password
    5. Provide mobile #, address and email
    6. Activation email will be sent. 

    You can download the Brella app at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

    Google StoreApple Store

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    Data Security

    You create a unique username and password when signing up to use Brella. The application doesn't store your password, Social Security number (SSN) or account information on the device. SHAZAM® encrypts the messages sent and received by the application. We regularly engage outside mobile security consultants to review the security of the application.

    Transaction Alerts

    These are alerts you establish to monitor your card activity. Call your financial institution if you receive an alert for a transaction you didn't authorize.

    The alert types include:

    • Transaction amount alert
    • Internet or phone transaction alert
    • International transaction alert
    • Suspicious transaction alert